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3 Reasons to choose Shopify Plus Over Big Commerce

A quality Enterprise Ecommerce software is hard to find. Even the list of top enterprise Ecommerce platforms is quite extensive. Selecting between them can seem confusing. But, if you conduct a thorough Enterprise Ecommerce comparison, you are bound to come down to two choices. And that includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus.

In their own ways, both platforms are excellent. However, if you conduct an enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison solely between Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus, you are bound to find the latter to be better. Here are three ways through which Shopify Plus is better than Ecommerce.

1.    Web design

Web design is one of the most crucial elements of any Ecommerce store. Without a responsive and visually appealing design, you can’t survive. In Shopify plus vs Big Commerce enterprise, Shopify Plus has managed to deliver responsive, fast and smooth web designs. Since these designs are easy to customize, the autonomy offered has been lauded by the masses. The same extent of flexibility is noticeably missing from Big Commerce.

2.    Themes

One of the most significant differences between Big Commerce vs Shopify is the quality of themes and templates delivered by the two platforms. Shopify Plus has one of the most extensive portfolios of themes we have seen, and that too at reasonable rates. Regardless of which industry you are in, you will find a theme and template for your business. In the case of Big Commerce, the themes delivered are quite limited as well as restricted to a few modern industries.

3.    Customer Support

Regardless of how excellent the Ecommerce platform is, sooner or later, errors and lags are bound to occur. The best platform isn’t always the one that promises never to lag. Instead, it is the one which is proactive when errors occur. Here, customer support plays a role. Shopify Plus manages to deliver flawless customer support, with its 24/7 service. Each store within Shopify Plus is provided with a merchant success manager as well to ensure that you have support for times your platform starts featuring defects.


While there are many other factors in favour of Shopify Plus, we find these three features to be crucial because they alone can ensure the quality and success of your Ecommerce platform. If given a choice between the two, opt for Shopify Plus, and you won’t be disappointed.