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The question is, to be or B2B?

Thanks to our best friend, the internet, a lot of people have access to all online brands and stores in the world. The innovation of technology and especially the internet today has made it convenient for many people to launch their businesses online. We all love being lazy once in a while and this is where the internet comes in handy to entertain us.

If you’ve seen the potential of online businesses in the market then you have an idea of the endless possibilities the market offers. The doors it opens for online businesses. B2B is dominating the market with its potential and popularity. A business to business concept circles around the exchange of services and products between businesses. It’s a transaction between two businesses where one buys what the other sells. As long as someone is willing to buy, there will always be someone willing to sell. Supply and demand is an important principle to use here.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, let me assure you it will not be easy calling the shots. But, ‘calling the shots’ is exactly what will make you a lot of money. I repeat, A LOT OF MONEY. All it takes is a skill set and an idea. How do you think, the 2 biggest competitors, Amazon and Alibaba grow into multibillion dollar businesses?  Like every idea, even these 2 businesses were ideas at first and FYI they both offer B2B and B2C services now.

So where exactly should you sign up your B2B?

With several excellent B2B platforms co-existing, it’s hard to choose one to boost up your business. So, listed below are the fastest growing B2B platforms that can help your business.

  • Alibaba

This was the most obvious one for many reasons. It’s the biggest online store in the world and offering all kinds of services at your convenience.

  • Made-in-China

The name pretty much gives it away that it has originated from China.  It’s the fastest growing platform in the electronic media industry. This is the go-to website to find any type of electronic item you’re looking for.

  • Global Sources

This is one of the oldest B2B platforms which simplify international trading and bringing traders from all around the world closer.

  • DHgate

It’s a popular wholesale website from China known for its excellent quality and pricing range. It has offices all around the world to provide safe shipping and consistent customer service.

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